BF Character through Literature

This resource for parents and teachers is a bit different from the other Beautiful Feet studies. It is intended to be a means of opening your child's eyes to the wonderful worlds and lessons that await them in literature. Comprised of reading lists and study notes for both the primary and intermediate levels, this guide lists over 180 books by dozens of favorite authors, taking the guesswork out of choosing literature for your children. Whether you use this to give your child books to read alone or to choose read-aloud titles for the entire family, it will be a resource you use again and again. Character driven comprehension questions are provided for over twenty-five titles in the Study Notes section and are designed to help readers understand the moral lessons that are inherent to each text. Discover the joys of reading aloud!

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Caddie Woodlawn
by Carol Ryrie Brink
from Aladdin Paperbacks
Realistic Family Fiction for 3rd-7th grade
1936 Newbery Medal winner
in Realistic Fiction (Location: FIC-REA)
Whipping Boy
by Sid Fleischman
from HarperCollins
Realistic Fiction for 4th-8th grade
1987 Newbery Medal winner
in Adventure Stories (Location: FIC-ADV)
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