Beyond the Obvious

Beyond the Obvious

Discover the Deeper Meaning of Scriptures

by James B. De Young
Trade Paperback, 420 pages
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Endorsements & Reviews

"...Bible students who have felt that earlier methods of interpreting the Bible, while orthodox and secure, result in rather unfruitful 'abstract meaning' will find exciting and challenging ideas in 'Beyond the Obvious'."

Stephen A. Hayner, Peachtree Associate Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth, Columbia Theological Seminary

"Here is a stimulating, thoroughly evangelical, and orthodox challenge to the dominant evangelical paradigm of biblical interpretation known as the single meaning, authorial intent approach.... I believe the book is an impressive and convincing corrective to the one-sided emphasis of some evangelicals on single meaning authorial intent hermeneutics."

Alan F. Johnson, Professor of New Testament and Christian Ethics, Wheaton College

"The authors offer a timely and vigorous challenge to the hermeneutical status quo among evangelicals.... The book will greatly clarify the issues in the current hermeneutical debate."

David Fisher, Senior Minister of Colonial Church, Edina, MN

"This is a noteworthy and valuable effort for recognizing the implications of culture in hermeneutics. By making the Kingdom of God central, a whole Bible view of mission develops from this hermeneutic, deepening and broadening our understanding of God at work in the world."

Donald K. Smith, Division of Intercultural Studies, Western Seminary

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