Better Late Than Early

Better Late Than Early

A New Approach to Your Child's Education

by Raymond Moore, Dorothy Moore
Publisher: Word Publishing
Trade Paperback, 236 pages
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" . . . the authors have made an extensive review of the literature available and have strongly come out—on that basis as well as on the basis of their professional experience and research—on the side that "it is better late than early," in terms of education . . . The book's value is further enhanced by its very lucid exposition and by the fact that a multidisciplinary approach to the problem was taken, combining the knowledge and findings of the educator, the neurophysiologist, the developmental psychologist, the child psychiatrist, the sociologist, the parent, etc.

"Personally, though I occasionally disagree with some of the views presented, I gladly acknowledge that I found myself, after reading it, enlightened and enriched in many ways. I suspect the same will be true for many of its readers." — Humberto Nagera, M.D.

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