Betsy's Play School

Betsy's Play School

by Carolyn Haywood
Hardcover, 192 pages
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Here is another winning Betsy story about the summer when she organizes a play school for the young children in the neighborhood. With characteristic warmth and genial humor, Carolyn Haywood tells how Betsy gathers her six pupils, acquires the necessary equipment, and handles the inevitable escapades. Although serious about her teaching responsibilities, Betsy enjoys a bit of nonsense as much as ever and has never been more appealing. 

Betsy soon discovers that there's more to running a school than passing out milk and cookies. For one thing she must play hostess to a wide assortment of animals. The school is visited by baby mice and a mischievous kitten, and Rodney's make-believe dog demands constant attention. Still, by the memorable last day, all the children have benefited from the friendships made. Even Rodney has discarded his imaginary companions for the many real ones that now surround him. 

Illustrated with sensitive line drawings by an artist new to these books, Betsy's Play School is delightful reading that can only increase Miss Haywood's wide audience.

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