Best International Recipe Cookbook

Best International Recipe Cookbook

1st Edition, ©2007, ISBN: 9781933615172
Hardcover, 579 pages
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Tired of complicated ethnic dishes with hard-to-find ingredients or recipes for classic European dishes that require a year of cooking school to master? We were. Here are more than 300 foolproof recipes that demystify the world's greatest dishes.

For the landmark classic The Best Recipe, America's Test Kitchen developed the best versions of homespun favorites like macaroni and cheese, pot roast, blueberry muffins, and more. In The Best International Recipe, the test kitchen travels father afield to bring you the best and most exciting cooking from around the world. The more than 300 recipes have been tested dozens of times to ensure success in the kitchen.

Throughout The Best International Recipe, you'll find features that make this collection especially home cook friendly: Pantry spotlights offer clear explanations of ingredients and what to look for, and in some cases, what you can substitute without compromising flavor. Specialty equipment (and substitutions) are highlighted as well, so you won't waste money on equipment you don't really need (hint: You don't need a paella pan to make paella). Core techniques highlighted throughout the book explain essential methods that you can apply to all of your cooking, such as getting the most from spices and a method for making buttery tart dough that won't leave you feeling frustrated.

Whether you want to make spicy pork tacos to rival those found on the tables of Mexico or learn how to make chicken as juicy as the French, The Best International Recipe is your essential guide to the best cooking from around the world.

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  Go to Paris, London, or Athens... in Your Kitchen!
HappyHomemaker of Oregon, 4/14/2011
As one who has traveled, I was so excited to find this cookbook. The Test Kitchen has a reputation for excellence, and they live up to it here. From the Italian Salerno-Style Pasta with Fried Egg and Bread Crumbs (I know that sounds strange, but my entire family agrees it's delicious!), to Middle-Eastern Falafel (ground chickpeas fried with spices), to the French Sauteed Fish with Browned Butter Sauce, this book can take your taste buds on a world-wide tour!

This is international food for the American kitchen. When a traditional ingredient can be replaced by something more familiar without compromising the dish, they tell you. When you just can't, they tell you the best brand, and where it can be easily found. Before now I didn't know that a lot of Indian meals can be made with spices I always have... just different techniques and combinations!

You don't have to possess extraordinary skills to cook up these recipes, just a willingness to try something new... and very good. But don't take my word for it.