Bernard the Brave

Bernard the Brave

by Margery Sharp, Leslie Morrill (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 128 pages
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"[Margery Sharp's] Invention never flags; her wit is neat, and her feeling for children and animals is genuine. She has the courage of her galety."The New York Times

As Margery Sharp's thousands of delighted readers already know, intrepid is the word for Miss Bianca. But in this latest chronicle of that stalwart agency, the Mouse Prisoners' Aid Society, it is Miss Bianca's faithful right-hand mouse (and MPAS secretary), Bernard, who steps into the spotlight—and proves that the time for heroes, furry ears or no, has not passed.

Miss Tomasina, orphan heiress to the Three Rivers Estate, has been kidnapped by her repulsive guardian just before her eighteenth birthday. If she doesn't appear in person to claim her inheritance, it will fall into the guardian's hands. With Miss Bianca away, time running out, and only one slim clue to follow, Bernard dashes off to her rescue. Together with his teddy bear ally, Algernon, Bernard surmounts avalanches and confounds bandit gangs with sparkling feats of short-running, whisker-twitching bravado. In the end, he returns with a rousing story that leaves even Miss Bianca's huge brown eyes glowing with admiration.

Bravo, Bernard!

from the dust jacket

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