Benjamin of Ohio

Benjamin of Ohio

America's Children
by James Otis
Publisher: Living Book Press
Print-on-demand paperback
Price: $7.99

Benjamin of Ohio’ chronicles the transformative journey of Benjamin, a young man navigating love, loss, and destiny, as he transitions from humble farm life to fulfilling his greater purpose.


Dive deep into America’s heartland with Benjamin of Ohio, a vivid portrayal of raw determination and frontier grit. Join young Benjamin as he embarks on a formidable journey with Rufus Putnam’s exploration party, aiming to establish Marietta, the pioneer foothold in the Ohio River valley. As they journey on precarious flatboats, they face the wrath of nature, unpredictable rivers, and challenges from native tribes. James Otis paints a gripping narrative of resilience, community, and the indomitable spirit of early American settlers. Step into their shoes, ride the churning waters, and experience the birth of a settlement against all odds.

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