Beginnings Curriculum - Set

Beginnings Curriculum - Set

Helping Kids Build a Firm Foundation to Their Faith

by Stacia McKeever
Publisher: Answers in Genesis
Curriculum Bundle
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Here is the first installment in Answers in Genesis' popular Answers for Kids teaching series! The new Beginnings curriculum enables grade school students to answer foundational questions of the Christian Faith, such as:

  • Where did God come from?
  • How did we get the Bible?
  • How old is the earth?
  • Did God create in six actual days?

Featuring colorful kid-friendly handouts and a CD-ROM filled with exciting Powerpoint illustrations, this curriculum enables you to help children to boldly share and defend their faith.


  • Teacher Manual (96 pages)
  • Complete set of six full-color student handouts.
  • CD-ROM with presentation illustrations

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Sample Student Handout

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