Before Five in a Row

Before Five in a Row

A Treasury of Creative Ideas to Inspire Learning in Readiness

by Jane Claire Lambert
Publisher: Five in a Row
Perfectbound, 149 pages
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This isn't a curriculum. Neither is it an aggressive, academic training regimen designed to turn your preschooler into a scholastic superachiever. It is a rich treasury of creative ideas designed to help you gently, consistently prepare your children for the life-long adventure of learning. For children ages two to four, Before Five in a Row is better than a curriculum!

The book is divided into two parts. The first section contains hundreds of simple ideas and activities developed around 24 of the finest books ever written for young children (see the list below). These activities are designed to cultivate intimacy with your child while building vital learning-readiness skills.

Part two of Before Five in a Row is a rich resource, filled with specific ideas designed to help you prepare children for learning through simple everyday activities. You'll find ideas for bathtime, bedtime, in the kitchen, and at the grocery store. You will also be given information and inspiration to help you maximize these precious years and prepare your children for real learning!


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