Beckoning Hills

Beckoning Hills

A Story of the Italians in California

Land of the Free Series
by Joseph H. Gage, Floyd Torbert (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
1st Edition, ©1951, Item: 87671
Hardcover, 233 pages
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Historical Setting: California, 1878

From the docks of Livorno, Italy, to the fertile hill country north of San Francisco—that's the setting for this tale of Diego and Carlo Maso. Fired with the ideal of individual liberty and opportunity, these two Italian lads and their journey to California in 1878 stand as a tribute to a joyous and colorful people.

How this self-reliant pair fought Old World lethargy and New World problems to carve a place for themselves in the ranches, farms and logging camps of California is a moving tale that captures the spirit of the pioneering West.

When Diego found a chance to use his knowledge of grape growing (one of Italy's ancient heritages) to improves California's blighted orchards, he set the stage for a fundamental development in American agriculture. A rewarding and spirited story, The Beckoning Hills ends on a note of promise that present-day Americans can see was abundantly fulfilled.

—From the dust jacket

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