Beast Academy 5C - Guide

Beast Academy 5C - Guide

by Jason Batterson, Shannon Rogers, 2 othersKyle Guillet, Erich Owen (Illustrator)
Softcover Textbook, 103 pages
Price: $16.00

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Beast Academy Guide 5C and its Practice Book 5C (sold separately) are the third in the four-part series for 5th grade mathematics. Level 5C includes chapters on sequences, ratios & rates, and decimals.

Beast Academy 5C covers the following topics:

Sequences Patterns, finding terms, arithmetic sequences, and triangular numbers.
Ratios & Rates Ratios, proportions, speed, rates, and unit conversions.
Decimals Powers of 10, multiplication, division, and converting between fractions and decimals.

Beast Academy 5C is the third part of the AoPS four-part series for grade 5:


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