Beast Academy 2C - Guide

Beast Academy 2C - Guide

by Jason Batterson, Kyle Guillet, 2 othersChris Page, Erich Owen (Illustrator)
104 pages
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Recommended for students ages 8-9.

Beast Academy provides a fun, rigorous, challenging, complete curriculum for aspiring math beasts. BA Level 2C includes chapters on measurement, strategies, and odds & evens.

The Guide book is written in an engaging comic book style, and the Practice book provides over 400 problems ranging from introductory level exercises to very challenging puzzles and word problems.

Beast Academy 2C Covers the Following Topics:

Measurement: The measurement chapter only includes measuring length, and includes using a ruler, estimation, customary and metric units, conversions, mixed measures, and adding and subtracting.

Strategies: Rearranging addition and subtraction, canceling, almost canceling, subtracting everything at once, using parentheses, and skip-counting.

Odds & Evens: Odds and evens, doubling, halving, addition and subtraction patterns, working with more than two numbers, and puzzles involving crossings, coins, checkerboards, and graphs.

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