Bear Island

Bear Island

by Alistair MacLean
Publisher: Doubleday & Company
©1971, Item: 42796
Hardcover, 273 pages
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Alistair MacLean's newest novel is a story of a movie crew's journey to a deserted island north of the Arctic Circle and the strange events that take place there. What starts out as a routine trip turns into a whirlpool of murderous intrigue.

Bear Island is lonely, desolate, and bathed in Arctic darkness most of the year—an eerie and uncanny setting for a group of men and women who become caught in a web of violence. While making their way to the island aboard a converted trawler in a stormy sea, the passengers and crew become witnesses to what may be maniacal mass murders. The three deaths at sea trigger a nameless fear that is all too readily reinforced by two more very sudden, very violent and very inexplicable deaths on Bear Island.

Does the most isolated island in the Arctic guard a secret more valuable than five lives? Are some or all of the company marked for death? Is there a pathological killer in their midst? Or have their imaginations run wild because of an unusual number of accidental deaths?

Set in an exotic locale, Bear Island is a hard-hitting tale of intrigue which builds to a bristling climax with international repercussions.

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