Beall's Learning Games Phonogram Fun Packet

Beall's Learning Games Phonogram Fun Packet

by Ruthanne Beall
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This packet was originally designed to be used with the Teaching Reading At Home & School program produced by Wanda Sanseri. TRAH has been replaced by the Spell to Write & Read program,and this Phonogram Fun Packet still makes a perfectly good supplement. It can also be adapted to any other phonics program that you've chosen for your children. If you are a parent or teacher using this packet as a "Basic Phonics Reinforcement" component, then we suggest that you have the child identify the Phonogram Playing Cards as they've been taught to recognize them. Each program has a different way of introducing the sounds, so just use the cards accordingly.

One thing to keep in mind at all times is that this game is designed for "reinforcing", not teaching the phonograms or spelling rules. Please do not use cards that the child has not already been introduced to, as this will cause frustration and reduce the excitement about playing the games. If you begin each session with a "Warm-up" Time, each child will have a better chance of collecting cards.

Included in the packet:

  • 1 Reversible Gameboard: "Teddy Bears on a picnic/Tubin' Down the River"
  • 8 Go The Row Game Cards (w/ Calling Cards)
  • 2 Master Sheets: Phonogram Sounds, Spelling Rules
  • 70 Phonogram Playing Cards (2 sets)
  • 29 Spelling Rule Playing Cards (2 sets)
  • 12 Blank Playing Cards (to make your own)
  • 24 Wild Cards
  • 6 Teddy Bear Playing Pieces / 1 Die / 100 Chips
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