Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge

Landmark #114
by John Toland
Publisher: Random House
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In mid-December of 1944 the war against Hitler's Germany seemed almost over. General Eisenhower's armies were preparing their final tremendous assault from the west, while the Russians were mounting an equally strong attack from the east.

But Adolf Hitler had no intention of giving up. He conceived a daring offensive through U.S. lines to cross the River Meuse and seize the crucial port of Antwerp. This book is an account of the dramatic battle that ensued—the first major winter battle ever fought by Americans.

To re-create the Battle of the Bulge, John Toland traveled 100,000 miles to interview a thousand military and civilian participants from ten countries. Here is his account of the battle in which U.S. soldiers proved their resourcefulness and self-reliance when surprised, outnumbered, cold and hungry—and even completely surrounded.

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