Battle in the Arctic Seas

Battle in the Arctic Seas

Sterling Point Books
by Theodore Taylor
Trade Paperback, 160 pages
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Historical Setting: World War II

Fifty ships, hundreds of tanks and airplanes, millions of rounds of ammunition...

A convoy of helpless and largely unarmed merchant ships carrying vital supplies for the Allied forces sets off from Iceland through dangerous waters. But to complete their mission, this convoy must get through enemy German forces that are determined to stop them. This is the riveting story of the brave merchant sailors who brought tanks, guns, airplanes, and ammunition to the Eastern Front during World War II.

Award-winning author Theodore Taylor takes us on this icy voyage where the convoy is attacked by U-boats and bombers and threatened by the battleship Tirpitz, the most powerful ship in the German navy. Which merchant ships will successfully run the gauntlet of Nazi forces and make it safely to Russia?

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