Basics of Critical Thinking

Basics of Critical Thinking

by Michael O. Baker
Consumable Workbook, 146 pages
Price: $22.99

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The Basics of Critical Thinking book is designed to teach critical thinking to middle and upper elementary students. Many workbooks claim to teach or develop critical thinking skills, but most of these products never defined critical thinking or try to teach the meaning to students. This book instead defines and teaches critical thinking in a way all students can understand through easy to understand explanations, diagrams, and short engaging activities. In addition to being a course in critical thinking, the activities in this book can be used to supplement lessons in all subjects.

Although this book teaches common argument forms, its primary focus is identifying and evaluating evidence - the very basis of critical thinking. Most propaganda, advertising schemes, legal trickery, and bad science are not the result of complex arguments; they are the result of half-truths and simple arguments. Students who successfully complete this book will have a fundamental set of critical thinking skills they can use their entire lives.

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