Basics of Biblical Greek - Grammar

Basics of Biblical Greek - Grammar

by William D. Mounce
Publisher: Zondervan
3rd Edition, ©2009, ISBN: 9780310287681
Hardcover, 480 pages
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The original Basics of Biblical Greek offered instructors and students an entirely new, integrated approach to teaching and learning New testament Greek. This revised edition, like its predecessor, makes learning Greek a natural process and shows from the start how an understanding the New testament. It also improves on the first edition with changes based on feedback from students and professors.

The following revisions are included: several of the chapters have been smoothed out in terms of difficulty and length. Some chapters have been simplified, teaching has been moved from the footnotes to the text and in some cases changes have been made to make an even smoother transition into second year Greek. Navigating through the CD-ROM software has been improved.

The workbooks accompanying this grammar has also been revised. It now offers the option of learning verbs earlier in the course, with a Track 2 set of exercises that proceeds directly from lesson 9 to lesson 15 and then from lesson 21 back to lesson 10.

William D. Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar is by far the best-selling and most widely accepted textbook for learning New testament Greek.

It is an excellent tool for studying New testament Greek, and now it's even better. As a result of feedback from professors, the author has made adjustments to his material. For example, a chapter on clauses has been added at the end of the book.

Features include:

  • Changes from the first edition made in response to ten years of use
  • Grammar's CD-ROM is easier to navigate and now includes short audio summary lectures (7-9 minutes)
  • An appendix in the Grammar allows professors to introduce verbs earlier in the course
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