Basic Math Skills 6

Basic Math Skills 6

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In Basic Math Skills, Grade 6+, you’ll find just what you need to provide extra skill practice for individual students, small groups, or the whole class. These reproducible pages are perfect for homework too.

Skills practiced include:

Number and Operations

  • Computation with whole numbers
  • Computation with fractions
  • Computation with decimals
  • Percents and their equivalencies
  • Number theory


  • Function tables
  • Number lines and the coordinate system
  • Order of operations
  • Solving equations


  • Identify congruent shapes using transformational geometry
  • Identify lines of symmetry in two-dimensional shapes
  • Classify angles as acute, right, or obtuse
  • Identify characteristics of three-dimensional solids


  • Customary and metric measurement
  • Calculate elapsed time
  • Measure angles using a protractor
  • Perimeter, area, and volume

Data Analysis and Probability

  • Construct and interpret graphs
  • Analyze data using range, mean, median, and mode
  • Compute theoretical probabilities for simple chance events
  • Utilize counting techniques, tree charts, and organized lists to determine all possible combinations
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