Barbara M. Walker

Wanting to introduce her family to frontier food such as that described by Laura Ingalls Wilder in her Little House series, Walker worked on recipes and adapted them to modern times.  Her interest first peaked while reading the Little House books to her  children, especially her daughter.  After traveling to Little House sites, doing research, and testing her recipes, Walker created The Little House Cookbook.  Easy to use, the cookbook ensures that even children can help make food similar to that which the Ingalls would have eaten.  Walker's daughter is grown now, but Walker still lives in New York, continues to write, and enjoys her frontier cooking.


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Little House Cookbook
by Barbara Walker
from HarperCollins
for 2nd-8th grade
in Little House Materials (Location: LIR-LHM)
Little House Cookbook - Full-Color Edition
by Barbara M. Walker, illustrated by Garth Williams
Newly Revised & Updated from HarperCollins
for 3rd-Adult
in Little House Materials (Location: LIR-LHM)