Bach & Mozart Lapbook Set

Bach & Mozart Lapbook Set

by Opal Wheeler, Sybil Deucher
Publisher: Zeezok Publishing
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Let your child get to know the composers even better with these hands-on activities.

This CD-ROM contains two lapbooks to be used with Sebastian Bach, the Boy from Thuringia and Mozart, Wonder Boy. The Bach projets include: character qualities, different aspects of the Baroque period, a "Name That Tune" game, Bach family facts, song vocabulary, an experiment, and more. The Mozart activities include a "Window to the World" geography lesson, the life and times of Mozart, music vocabulary, musical facts of the Classical period, a timeline of Mozart's life, and more.

Use this hands-on activity CD to accompany your study of the compsers. It includes directions for each project, all printable masters needed, and photos of the finished projects.

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