Baby Sister for Frances TOS

Baby Sister for Frances TOS

by Russell Hoban, Lillian Hoban (Illustrator)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Trade Paperback, 27 pages
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One quiet evening, Frances the badger is sitting under the kitchen sink, singing a little song, "Here are the buckets and brushes and me/Plinketty, plinketty, plinketty, plee." When she stops singing to listen for parental coos of approval, she hears nothing. Frances is sure it's all her new baby sister's fault. It's why she has no raisins for her cereal, and it's why her new dress isn't ready for her to wear to school. She thinks she may run away after dinner. And she does! She takes her carefully packed knapsack and settles in under the dining-room table.

As she sits sulking and eating cookies, her mother and father, fully aware of her presence, begin talking about how much they miss her, and how much they love her little songs, and how a family is everybody all together, not just a baby. Frances can't stand it anymore. She calls them from her imaginary telephone and tells them she'll be home soon. Russell Hoban and illustrator Lillian Hoban succeed again with a tender, comical, heartwarming story that will make any big brother or sister feel better about a new sibling in the house.

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