Attack in the Rye Grass

Attack in the Rye Grass

Marcus & Narcissa Whitman

Trailblazer Series
by Dave Jackson, Neta Jackson
Publisher: Bethany House
Trade Paperback, 160 pages
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Perrin Whitman was twelve years old and thrilled to travel by wagon train to Oregon Territory with his missionary aunt and uncle, Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman. It was 1843, and life in the wild, unsettled Northwest promised Perrin the adventure he craved but also the opportunity to witness a fierce and tragic battle for peace and freedom.

Upon their arrival in Oregon, Perrin found an immediate friend in the young Indian girl, Shikam, whose brother would later become the famous Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe. Both Perrin and Shikam had the same goal: keep peace between the white settlers and the Indians. But when another wagon train of emigrants brought measles, the Indians become terrified and angry by the sickness overtaking their people. Will Dr. Whitman be able to cure the Indians before war breaks out?

His uncle's life is in danger, but what can Perrin do?

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  Biography of A Famous Family
Reece of Washougal, 8/27/2016
In this story a boy named Perrin went to help his uncle in Oregon. His uncle was Dr. Marcus Whitman, of the famous Whitman Mission. When Perrin gets there the Indians are angry because somebody poisoned the melons they had stolen from the mission. Now the Indians want kill the Whitmans. Perrin tries to stop them, but he can't.