At Agincourt

At Agincourt

A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed
Library Binding, 323 pages
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Historical Setting: England, France 1413-1415 A. D.

Guy Aylmer, the son of an English knight, accompanies his lord to Villeroy, his castle in France, during the time of the struggle for supremacy between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy. When Orleanist forces attack Villeroy, Guy takes part in its defense, and when Burgundy, in the name of the mad King Louis, requests that Lady Margaret and the children come to Paris as hostages, Guy is sent with them as their protector. When the butchers of Paris attack their house, Guy successfully defends his charges, and afterwards conducts them to a safe hiding place. After many other adventures, Guy returns to France with King Henry, and fights in the battle of Agincourt, returning home at last to an estate awarded to him for his service to the king.

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