At Aboukir and Acre

At Aboukir and Acre

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Robinson Curriculum
Trade Paperback, 368 pages
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Historical Setting: Africa, Egypt, 1798 A. D.

Most of us have heard the stories of Napoleon before the Sphinx, the Battle of the Pyramids, and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, but do you know what purpose Napoleon had in mind for this invasion? As is typical from within the pages of a Henty story, the reader will be transported back to a time in history. Join Edgar Blagrove the son of a British Merchant in Alexandria. Edgar is left behind when his father has to leave suddenly on the unexpected arrival of the French fleet. He takes refuge with an Arab tribe and joins in opposition to the French in Cairo when they are cut off from home by the Battle of the Nile, and again at Acre when Napoleon marches into Palestine. He joins the navy and there are various nautical happenings until the French are finally defeated.

This event also has additional significance for today's readers as it marked a major turning point in Middle Eastern history. The ease with which Napoleon was able to conquer Egypt was startling for the Muslim nations. What was even more startling for Islam, was that it took the aid of another European power to remove them. This realization had a powerful impact upon the Muslim world.

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