As Far as the Eye Can Reach

As Far as the Eye Can Reach

Lewis and Clark's Westward Quest

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Publisher: Random House
Mass market paperback, 119 pages
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Historical Setting: Louisiana Purchase, 1803-1806 A. D.

In 1803, Captain Meriwether Lewis, Captain William Clark, and the Corps of Discovery set out to explore the wilderness that stretched across North America from the newly purchased Louisiana Territory to the western end of the continent. Over three years the men traveled through Indian territories, negotiated waterfalls, faced down wild animals, and climbed through snowy mountain passes. By the time the Corps returned to civilization, everyone though the men were dead. Instead they survived, and with their long journey, they staked a claim to the west for their new country, America.

With excerpts from the expedition journals, period documents, and reproductions of Lewis and Clark's drawings and maps, this story of the Corps of Discovery carries readers into the past for a glimpse of an untamed, magnificent land.

This book is labeled as part of the Landmark Series, but it is not one of the originals published in the fifties and sixties. To see a list of originals, click here.

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