Argumentation & Debate - DVD

Argumentation & Debate - DVD

Geared toward beginning debaters, this brand new 3-disc set replaces the previous 1997 Introduction to Argumentation & Debate DVD set.

Consisting of completely fresh footage with subtitling, all filmed in 2012, the new production is designed to be used as a chapter-by-chapter companion to Christy Shipe's textbook, An Introduction to Policy Debate.

In this series, Christy provides helpful practical application of the principles in the textbook along with insightful analysis of the two complete debate rounds included on Disc 3.

DVD Series Contents

Lecture content corresponds with similarly numbered and titled textbook chapters.

Disc 1—Lectures and Analysis of Sample Debate 1

  • Lecture 1 (8 min): Why Learn Debate?
  • Lecture 2 (11 min): Logic
  • Lecture 3 (15 min): Evidence
  • Lecture 4a (8 min): Stock Issues
  • Lecture 4b(30 min): Stock Issues (cont.)

Disc 2—Lectures and Analysis of Sample Debate 1 (cont.)

  • Lecture 5 (16 min): Affirmative Case Construction
  • Lecture 6 (11 min): Negative Arguments
  • Lecture 7 (24 min): Speaker Responsibilities
  • Lecture 8 (17 min): Speech and Delivery
  • Lecture 9 (9 min): The Debate Round

Disc 3—Sample debates & commentary

  • Debate 1
  • Debate 2 (with introduction and conclusion by Christy Shipe)

Total runtime: Approx. 4.5 hours (270 minutes)

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