Are Seventh Day Adventists False Prophets?

Are Seventh Day Adventists False Prophets?

A Former Insider Speaks Out

by Wallace Slattery
Publisher: P&R Publishing
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Wally and Carole Slattery never imagined they would leave Seventh-day Adventism. It was in their blood, both of them having grown up in Adventist families. More than that, they sincerely believed and taught that Ellen G. White was the "Spirit of Prophecy" and that Adventist teachings were gospel truth. Then came a series of startling discoveries that led the Slatterys to painstakingly reexamine what they had believed for some forty years.

Are Seventh-day Adventists false prophets? Much as the Slatterys did not want to face that question, they could not avoid it. For four years they wrestled with doubts as they investigated the writings of Ellen White, the claims of SDA historians, the yoke of regulations placed on Adventist followers, and the doctrines of Adventism in comparison to what the Bible says.

In this book Wallace D. Slattery explains why he and his wife left the SDA church—and how they found new freedom in Christ. With the sensitivity of one who has "been there" he invites those ensnared by Adventism to experience free forgiveness themselves. And by alerting readers to the dangers of SDA teachings, he equips evangelicals to minister effectively to Adventist friends, relatives and associates.

Table of Contents:

  1. Cutting the White Ties
  2. The History and Teachings of Seventh-Day Adventism
  3. A Closer Look at Ellen G. White
  4. Molehills Into Mountains
  5. The Great Advent Nonevent
  6. Adventism and the Gospel


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