Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

by Padraic Colum, Lynd Ward (Illustrator)
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Every night for a thousand and one nights, Shahrazad begins to tell her husband the king a new tale but each night she stops before finishing. Why? Because the king has promised to kill her when the last one is over. However, her nightly stories—of Sinbad the Sailor, Ali Baba, and many other heroes and villains—are so enthralling that King Shahryar has to postpone her execution again and again...

Padraic Colum's retelling, first published in 1923, brings together a selection of the most amazing of the over 600 stories which Shahrazad told. Full of genies, flying carpets, and daring adventures, The Arabian Nights will captive a new audience and leave readers asking for one more story.

Unfortunately, this copy includes no illustrations. The earliest editions had pictures by Eric Pape and a later reprint included some by Lynd Ward.


  • The Beginning of the Stories: Shahrazad
  • The Story of the Fisherman
  • The Story of the Young King of the Black Islands
  • The Story of Alnaschar
  • The Story of the Magic Horse
  • The Story of Abu-Mohammad the Lazy
  • The Voyages of Es-Sindibad of the Sea
    • The First Voyage
    • The Second Voyage
    • The Third Voyage
    • The Fourth Voyage
    • The Fifth Voyage
    • The Sixth Voyage
  • The Story of Bedr Basim and Jawharah, the Daughter of the Kings of the Sea
  • The Story of 'Ala-ed-Din; or, The Wonderful Lamp
  • The Story of 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  • Conclusion
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