Applications of Grammar Book 3

Applications of Grammar Book 3

Analysis of Effective Communication

Applications of Grammar Series
by Garry Moes
2nd Edition, ©1998, Publisher Catalog #CLP49635
Consumable Workbook, 317 pages
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This workbook teaches students how to make the transition from practicing grammar rules to the actual process of writing. Students learn the mechanics of good writing, how to write dynamic sentences and short stories, and how to write with a colorful and appealing style. A short journalism unit is also provided. Analysis of Effective Communication teaches students' basic and advanced grammatical rules, including planning out their writing, the "building blocks" of speech, placement, building sentences, punctuation, capitalization, short story writing and more. The distinctions between words, their relation to each other in a sentence, and the rules that govern language are all featured as what creates good writing. This book contains 76 lessons. 317 non -reproducible pages, index and glossary included. NKJV used. Answers sold separately in the Applications of Grammar Book 3 - Answer Key.

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