Anthony Maybury

A native of Hamilton, Ohio, Maybury entered the world in 1923.  At age twenty, he married and then helped his wife raise their four children.  Maybury began as a shoe-shine boy and advanced through the business world until he became a renown coffee company's Western regional sales manager.  Extremely successful in business, Maybury retired early, enjoyed life, and joined with Kathryn Daniels to pen the book Common Sense Business for Kids.  Maybury found through experience and solving real-world problems that the key to being successful was found in using common sense to resolve issues.  His formula includes being aware, being able to adapt, and being open to looking at various angles in a situation.  


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Common Sense Business for Kids
by Kathryn Daniels & Anthony Maybury
from Bluestocking Press
for 6th-10th grade
in Uncle Eric books (Location: ECON-ERIC)