Ann Judson

Ann Judson

A Missionary Life for Burma

by Sharon James
Publisher: Evangelical Press
Trade Paperback, 288 pages
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Previously published as My Heart in His Hands, this book is fully revised and updated and is the best modern biography of Ann Judson available. If you only read one biography this year, read Ann Judson: A Missionary Life for Burma.

If you’re going through trials or suffering you will be encouraged in these pages to see better than ever how trials always contain God’s purpose — rightly understood, they glorify God and build us up in the faith. Sharon James uses the sources carefully to bring Ann (and Adoniram) Judson’s piety and hard work for the Lord to our attention, not to venerate them but to challenge us to deeper commitment and service to the Lord.

Table of Contents

  •       Foreword by John Tindall
  •       Introduction
  1. “One of the happiest creatures on earth” (1789-1806)
  2. “To improve the talents bestowed by God (1806-1809)
  3. “How could we most promote the glory of God?” (1810-1812)
  4. “The trying scene of parting” (1812)
  5. “Perplexed, but not in despair” (1812-1813)
  6. “Harriet is dead” (1813)
  7. To the Golden Kingdom (1813)
  8. Years of toil (1813-1815)
  9. “This heavy affliction” (1816)
  10. “Strange vicissitudes”: seven months of suspense (1817-1818)
  11. “A sovereign act of Divine power”: the first Burmese convert (1819)
  12. “A little feeble, solitary band”: the first Burmese church (1820)
  13. The prospect of separation (1821)
  14. “This garden of the Lord” (1822)
  15. Return to America (1822-1823)
  16. A joyful reunion (1823)
  17. War clouds gather (1824)
  18. “Hand, shrink not”: the heart of darkness (1824-1825)
  19. Maria (1825)
  20. Six months at Oung-pen-la (1825)
  21. Free at last (1826)
  22. “On earth we serve God – in heaven we praise Him” (1826)
  23. Epilogue


  • I) Ann’s legacy
  • II) Address to females in America, relative to the situation of female heathens in the East
  • III) Biographical sketch of Adoniram Judson (1788-1850)
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