Animal Lover's Fun-Schooling Journal

Animal Lover's Fun-Schooling Journal

Homeschooling Curriculum Handbook for Students Majoring in Zoology

by Sarah Janisse Brown, Anna Miriam Brown, Alexandra Bretush
Publisher: Thinking Tree
Perfectbound, 367 pages
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For Animal Lovers!

This journal is designed for animal lovers of all ages.  It’s the perfect place to gather information about amazing animals and create your own animal portfolio. The Animal Lover’s Fun-Schooling Journal is excellent for delight-directed learners, unschoolers, and homeschoolers. Children who attend school and love animals can use it too!  Students will work through animal mazes, research 30 different animals, draw nature, and color beautiful pictures.  There are also math mysteries, research prompts, and creative writing projects.

Thinking Tree Learning Levels

Thinking Tree Learning Levels B1, B2, C1 & C2. Ideal for ages 8+ (even adults!). Use 5 pages per day as part of a 60 day homeschooling plan.

Topics Covered

  • Planning & Setting Priorities
  • Animal Research & Study
  • Reading
  • Film Study
  • Creative Writing
  • Art & Drawing
  • Comics
  • Math Practice

Secular - No religious content - Appropriate for Charter Schools, Public Funding, State Homeschool Reimbursement and Vouchers.

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