Animal Architects

Animal Architects

How Insects Build Their Amazing Homes

by W. Wright Robinson
Publisher: Blackbirch Press
Library Binding, 64 pages
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Insects are found all over the world and are the most numerous animals on Earth. Some homes are simple, such as a tunnel chewed out of wood by a carpenter bee. Other homes, however, can be incredibly complex. The mud and dirt mounds made by certain ants and termites, for example, are intricate cities that have their own breeding areas, nurseries, food-growing sections-even their own air-conditioning systems!

In the ANIMAL ARCHITECTS series, you'll discover how all kinds of animals design their living spaces. You'll see how they build nurseries to raise their young, and how they create special places to store food and dispose of wastes. You'll also understand how each construction best enables each builder to survive in the natural world. Most important, you'll appreciate and respect our planet's most incredible natural architects-animals that have taught us a great deal about the fundamentals of design and construction.

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