Angry Waters

Angry Waters

by Walt Morey, Richard "Dick" Cuffari (Illustrator)
Publisher: E.P. Dutton & Co.
©1990, Item: 76464
Trade Paperback, 172 pages
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A teenage boy is paroled to a family farm after being convicted of a robbery.

Dan, a tall thin belligerent fifteen-year-old, wasn't at all interested in the Edwards' dairy farm but the judge who had put him on parole made it pretty clear it was either that or prison.

But, in spite of himself, Dan learned much about the trials and tribulations of a farmer, and his daily struggle with the elements, disease, and wild animals. And, he gradually became more interested in the well-being of hte farm animals, especially the cow Ginger and her calf Beauty, whome he helped bring into the world. His feeling about the Edwards family changed too. When they were endangered by old friends of his out of a past he'd almost forgotten, he discovered he had the courage to do what he must to protect them, regardless of the consequences.

Dangerous and uncontrollable flood waters provide a dramatic background for the climax of this adventure story by Walt Morey. As in his earlier books, he has achieved a rare combination of adventure and genuine emotion, and effectively portrays the bond between man and animal.

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