by David Macaulay
Publisher: Sandpiper Books
1st Edition, ©2006, ISBN: 9780618693368
Trade Paperback, 48 pages
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This story of a lonely and aging Italian craftsman is one of those rare books that genuinely appeals to all kinds of readers. Angelo discovers an injured pigeon while repairing a beautiful old church; as henurses the bird back to health,they gradually become friends and Angelo discovers true companionship at last.

Incorporating the look and culture of Rome, readers will enjoy the pictures of the book. Macaulay's exquisite illustrations are filled with the sadness, hope and gentle humor of this strange tale, and his elegant text serves to complement rather than dominate the pictures. A lovely tale simply told, Angelo is a modern work that feels like an ancient folktale.

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Summary: Aging Angelo is repairing an old church when he finds an injured pigeon. The two become true friends.

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Sunita of Newberg, OR, 6/21/2016
My mom cried when I read it to her. I liked all his creations and how nice he was to the bird.