Angelo the Naughty One

Angelo the Naughty One

by Helen Garrett, Leo Politi (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
1966 Printing, ©1944, Item: 93520
Library Binding, 40 pages
Used Price: $5.60 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

From the dust jacket:

"Who are you?" asked the soldier, looking under Angelo's big sombrero into his dark face.

"I am Angelo," said the naughty one.

"Which Angelo?" asked another soldier.

"I am the Angelo who lives in the city," replied the naughty one.

"But there are twenty Angelos in the city," said the first soldier. Angelo looked at the ground and said nothing. He was ashamed to say to the soldiers that he was called Angelo the naughty one, and that he had run away so as not to have to take a bath for Maria Rosa's wedding. It never occurred to him that SOLDIERS would have to be clean.

When they put him in the tub he became Angelo the Tiger. He hit and kicked and scratched and bit. But just the same they started to scrub.

And when the very fine looking soldier arrived for his wedding to Maria Rosa, an extraordinarily crisp clean little boy sat behind him on the shiny black stallion. This boy was certainly wearing Angelo's new sombrero, but it could not be he. Indeed, it was not Angelo the naughty one. Nor was it Angelo the Tiger. It was Angelo the brave one, the Pride of the Family!

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