Ancient History from Primary Sources

Ancient History from Primary Sources

by Hans Bluedorn, Laurie Bluedorn
Publisher: Trivium Pursuit
©2003, Item: 4548
Mixed Media, 222 pages
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Historical Setting: Ancient Civilizations

None of us can travel backward in time to observe events as they happened in ancient days. So what's the next best thing? We can experience these events through those who were actually there—seeing what they saw, and hearing what they heard. We can read the original accounts as they have been preserved for us. This book is a guide to doing just that.

Sure, it may sound impressive to say we've read Herodotus or Plutarch, but that's not the point. The point is that if we've read these ancient histories, then we've heard it from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Now you can catch the story first-hand. Ancient History from Primary Sources is a reference book which will guide you on a selective timeline tour through ancient history, outlining the major events and personalities, and noting the primary literary sources. This book will lead you through the maze of ancient literature and help you to find appropriate reading for you and your children.


  • A timeline which integrates history and primary sources.
  • Biographical information on all ancient authors with important excerpts from their writings.
  • An extensive list of history curricula which can be used along with this book.
  • For parents and teachers to use with children ages twelve and up.
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