Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece

by Michelle Miller
Publisher: TruthQuest History
Spiralbound, 124 pages
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Two guides bound in one volume!

Michelle writes: "The first portion covers ancient Egypt, but only briefly, because Egypt's culture was quite pagan and the lessons that can be drawn from its history are especially abstract because they are so protracted. However, the key historical periods and leaders are introduced, and the best (and safest) youth literature is recommended. The intersection of Egypt's history with Israel's is highlighted."

"Ancient Greece is covered in the second portion of this TruthQuest History guide in great depth because Greece offers students a prime example of the development and consequences of the humanist philosophy. Even their religion—the famed Greek mythology—was man-made. Greek achievements (in government, art, architecture, math, science, and philosophy) were stellar, but what has been their outcome and legacy? Your students will be able to fluently answer that question, for they will be meeting these achievers in the context of their beliefs and contrasting those with God's eternal truths."

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