Analytical Grammar: Teaching the Essay

Analytical Grammar: Teaching the Essay

by Robin Finley
Publisher: Analytical Grammar
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Teaching the Essay is a step-by-step “how to” guide for teaching the homeschooled secondary student to write the classic 5-paragraph literary essay, the foundation for all expository (non-creative) writing. This is invaluable for preparing for the SAT essay exam.

A related item, Teaching the Research Paper, takes the home teacher systematically through the entire process from choosing the topic to writing the final draft. Each step is thoroughly explained, even how to evaluate it!

Teaching the Essay and Teaching the Research Paper are foolproof. The teacher does not have to have any prior knowledge of expository writing. Simply follow the audio and written instructions and both student and teacher will become experts!

Each of the units include:

  • An audio CD for the teacher with specific day-by-day instructions for teaching the unit
  • All necessary hand-outs and notes
  • Foolproof grading rubrics that provide the student with “recipes” for writing and specific feedback for improvement

A revised and expanded version of this is available in Beyond the Book Report Season 3.

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