Analytical Grammar High School Reinforcement: Great British Authors

Analytical Grammar High School Reinforcement: Great British Authors

by Robin Finley, Erin Karl
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Customers ask the same question repeatedly: “What do we do for grammar in high school when my child has completed AG?”

In high school, grammar study should be complete. A student should apply his or her knowledge of grammar and mechanics to the study of literature and writing. BUT … many teachers want a way for their students to keep grammar skills and terminology sharp without “doing” a daily grammar program again.

TheHigh School Reinforcement books are AG's answer. There are four books, one for each year in high school. Each is set up with activities to reinforce all the grammar, diagraming, analysis, punctuation and usage taught in AG.

Each High School Reinforcement book contains 18 exercises, enough for one worksheet every two weeks throughout a school year.

The High School Reinforcement books each focus on a literature topic: American authors, British authors, World authors, and Shakespeare’s plays. Choose a book that supports your literature focus for that year; the order doesn’t matter.

Click here to see a sample from the American Authors book.

The High School Reinforcement books reinforce:

  • Sentence parsing and diagraming
  • Grammar analysis
  • Punctuation
  • Usage

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