An Edwardian Christmas

An Edwardian Christmas

by John S. Goodall (Illustrator)
Publisher: Atheneum
Hardcover, 60 pages
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From the dust jacket:

Here, depicted in loving detail, is Christmas celebrated at the beginning of 20th century England, indoors and out, upstairs and downstairs, as seen through the inquiring eyes of the same boy and girl whose lives were delightfully revealed in John Goodall's An Edwardian Summer.

Family and friends gather at the large, comfortable house in the country, and the festivities begin!  What bustle and fun there is from Christmas Day and its lavish plum-pudding dinner on through the holidays that follow, with activities galore for one and all.  Riding to hounds, ice skating on the pond, dancing at the great, fancy dress ball, watching the pantomime, playing Blindman's Bluff –all this and much more springs to life in John Goodall's exquisitely executed watercolor paintings.

As he did in An Edwardian Summer, Mr. Goodall portrays an era now long gone.  This is a remarkable recreation of a special time, a special way of life, and an invitation to join in a spirit of joy that transcends time itself.

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