Amy Hayes

Amy Hayes

As a pastor’s wife and second-generation homeschool mom, Amy Hayes knows how to keep people organized and get things done. She also has the gift of working graciously with others, even under stress—an ability that makes her a great wedding coordinator!

Amy has helped organize a considerable number of weddings for her family and church friends over the years.

With each wedding she helped with, Amy saved tips, ideas, and planning tools, storing them away in a binder for her daughter Grace to use in planning her wedding someday. As this notebook grew, Amy realized that many other Christian brides could also benefit from her work, and she decided to assemble all her wedding notes into a book, along with Christ-centered devotionals to encourage the bride through her wedding planning journey.

Having coordinated for two Forster family weddings, Amy asked Pam Forster at Doorposts about publishing her planner, and All Things Are Ready is the result.

Amy has also co-authored the book Advent and Christmas in Family Worship with her husband Doug.

In addition to writing and coordinating weddings, Amy enjoys serving the body of Christ with her other talents. She has served as a church pianist, a postpartum doula, and as a volunteer for Portland’s Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Though her children are all grown, Amy continues to pursue her love of Christian education through Zera Hall, a one-room girls school she runs from her home.

Her latest hobby, the Grammy Pics Blog, combines her interest in photography and her love for her grandchildren.

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