America's Story 3

America's Story 3

by Angela O'Dell (Author)
Publisher: Master Books
Softcover Textbook, 296 pages
List Price: $42.99 Sale Price: $34.39

A Charlotte Mason Inspired Journey Through American History!

America’s Story 3 concludes the exciting journey through American History as students review America’s rich history, experience the excitement of discovery and invention as well as the hardships of the Great Depression, and examine the challenges our nation still faces.

In America’s Story 3, your student will:

  • Discover the impact one president had on the New York City Police Department
  • Observe the first flight
  • Ride along with the development of the Model T
  • Experience the wonder and the tragedy of the Titanic
  • Explore America during & after the World Wars
  • Learn the hardships Americans faced during the Great Depression
  • Feel the excitement of new discoveries and technological advancement
  • and so much more!

Exciting, interactive stories

O’Dell’s lively storytelling style ensures history comes alive in an exciting way! Through engaging narrative, O’Dell interacts with students and draws them in to imagine the adventures, hardships, failures, and triumphs of the incredible characters who shaped American history from the early 1900s to Modern Times.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • 1. The Story of Teddy Roosevelt
  • 2. Presidents for Change
  • 3. The Story of the Wright Brothers
  • 4. The Affordable Model Ts
  • 5. The Story of the Titanic
  • 6. World Turmoil
  • 7. America After WWI
  • 8. Crash!
  • 9. The Great Depression
  • 10. The World at War
  • 11. America at War, Part One
  • 12. America at War, Part Two
  • 13. Life on the Homefront
  • 14. The Cold War
  • 15. The Golden Age of America
  • 16. Tumultuous Times
  • 17. Changing Times
  • 18. The Civil Rights Movement
  • 19. 1970s Politics and Fashion
  • 20. Political Scandals and Gasoline Shortages
  • 21. The 1980s, Part One
  • 22. The 1980s, Part Two
  • 23. The 1990s, Part One
  • 24. The 1990s, Part Two
  • 25. The Strange Election of 2000
  • 26. “Evil, Despicable Acts of Terror”
  • 27. More Recent History
  • 28. Protectors of Our Freedom
  • Glossary
  • Geographical Terms
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