American Sports Heroes of Today

American Sports Heroes of Today

Landmark Giant #22
by Frederic Katz
Publisher: Random House
©1970, Item: 81471
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Brief biographies of forty contemporary American athletes outstanding in baseball, football, boxing, golf, hockey, automobile racing, and other sports.

Their specialty is the "impossible"—

  • a running back who gains 237 yards in one game
  • a pitcher who wins 31 games in one season
  • a basketball player who scores 100 points in one game
  • a golfer who wins the Masters Tournament four times
  • a swimmer who wins four gold medals in one Olympics
  • a hockey defenseman who leads the league in scoring
  • a runner who runs the four-minute mile while still in high school
  • a race driver who wins the Indianapolis 500 three times
  • a hitter who has 3,000 hits and 500 home runs
  • a bowler who bowls three perfect games in two days

What kind of men are these heroes? How did they develop into champions? How did they accomplish the near impossible?...

—from the book

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