American Revolution

American Revolution

Landmark Series
by Bruce Bliven Jr.
Publisher: Random House
Mass market paperback, 153 pages
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Historical Setting: American Colonies, 1775-1783 A. D.

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When the call to arms came early one spring morning in 1775, the men of Lexington rose to answer it. They were simple farmers, smiths, and shopkeepers. But on this day they would lay down their tools and take up their muskets, ready to fight—and even die—for the cause of freedom.

From the first clash between American and British troops at Lexington and Concord to the final showdown at Yorktown, Americans fought against tremendous odds. They faced a lack of food, guns, training and proper clothing as well as the better-trained British forces. Here is a detailed account of the major battles—ranging from Quebec, Canada, to Cowpens, South Carolina—in which George Washington's ragged, weary army won American independence.

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