American Presidents - Coloring Book

American Presidents - Coloring Book

Dover Coloring Books
by Peter F. Copeland
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book, 48 pages
Price: $5.99

43 Presidents of the United States—from George Washington to George W. Bush—are featured in this fact-filled archive of ready-to-color pictures.

Aptly portrayed against backdrops of significant events that occurred during their administrations are James Madison, standing before a burning White House during the war of 1812; James K. Polk next to a "War with Mexico" poster; Abraham Lincoln conferring with Union officers; Harry Truman holding a newspaper that incorrectly announced his defeat; Richard Nixon debating Soviet Secretary Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow; George Bush, against a background of tanks employed during the Gulf War; and much more.

Informative captions complete a handy book that will serve as a practical reference for young history students, as well as a source of coloring fun.

Old Cover (without Obama):

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