American Horses

American Horses

North Star Books #35
by Ralph Moody
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Item: 90718
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"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

This has been the cry of kings and chieftains ever since the dawn of civilization, for horses have had a greater effect upon the history of mankind than any other animal. In prehistoric times the tribes that captured, tamed, and trained horses easily conquered their horseless enemies, for with a well-trained horse under him, a man's speed, endurance, and strength are more than tripled.

It seems strange that the greatest development and refinement of the horse should have been made in one of the oldest and one of the newest countries inhabited by man—Arabia and America. Horses originated on this continent, then disappeared completely for thousands of years, never to return until brought back by our early settlers. They, like the settlers who brought them, were of various types and strains, but the horsemen of this new land set about to develop horse types which would best serve the needs and enjoyment of the people.

How well they succeeded is told in this story of the unique horse breeds that have been brought into being in America—the fastest, the most comfortable to ride, and the most beautiful horses on earth.

—from the dust jacket

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