American History to 1865 - CD Set

American History to 1865 - CD Set

by Rousas John Rushdoony
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Christian and home schools have created a strong demand for resources that overthrow the secular mythology of recent years and trace the powerful influence of Christianity over American history. For this task Rev. Rousas John Rushdoony, founder of the Chalcedon foundation and a noted Christian theologian and scholar, was eminently qualified.

These lectures, originally given to college students, are the most theologically complete treatment of early American history available, yet retain a clarity and vividness of expression that makes them ideal even for bright high school age.

Far from moralizing through vague Christian truisms, Rev. Rushdoony reveals a foundation of American history of philosophical and theological substance. He describes leading motives and movements in terms of the thinking of the day. Of particular interest are the extensive discussions of the legal issues behind the American War for Independence, an examination of the observations of de Tocqueville, monetary policies, and the development of American culture by free men in an era of small government.

Though this series does not extend beyond 1865 (leaving the listener wanting more), Rev. Rushdoony points out that the Civil War was a watershed in American History, and was the beginning of secular attempts to rewrite history. In these CDs, the foundational faith and the philosophy based on that faith are revealed from our founding fathers. There can be no understanding of early American history without an understanding of the faith which undergirded its founding and growth. These CDs supply such an understanding.

Set includes 37 CDs (which includes a bonus lecture CD and a CD of Transcripts for both CD and books), a Tearcher's Guide and a Student's Guide.

  • Disc 1: Motives of Discovery and Exploration I
  • Disc 2: Motives of Discovery and Exploration II
  • Disc 3: Mercantilism
  • Disc 4: Feudalism, Monarchy, the Colonies, and the Fairfax Resolves 1-8
  • Disc 5: The Fairfax Resolves 2-24
  • Disc 6: The Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation
  • Disc 7: George Washington: A Biographical Sketch
  • Disc 8: The U.S. Constitution I
  • Disc 9: The U.S. Constitution II
  • Disc 10: De Tocqueville on Inheritance and Society
  • Disc 11: Voluntary Associations and the Tithe
  • Disc 12: Eschatology and History
  • Disc 13: Postmillennialism and the War of Independence
  • Disc 14: The Tyranny of the Majority
  • Disc 15: De Tocqueville on Race Relations in America
  • Disc 16: The Federalist Administrations
  • Disc 17: The Voluntary Church I
  • Disc 18: The Voluntary Church II
  • Disc 19: The Jefferson Administration, the Tripolitan War, and the War of 1812
  • Disc 20: The Voluntary Church on the Frontier I
  • Disc 21: Religious Voluntarism and the Voluntary Church on the Frontier II
  • Disc 22: The Monroe Doctrine and the Polk Doctrine
  • Disc 23: Voluntarism and Social Reform
  • Disc 24: Voluntarism and Politics
  • Disc 25: Chief Justice John Marshall: Problems of Political Voluntarism
  • Disc 26: Andrew Jackson's Monetary Policy
  • Disc 27: The Mexican War of 1846/Calhoun's Disquisition
  • Disc 28: De Tocqueville on Democratic Culture
  • Disc 29: De Tocqueville on Individualism
  • Disc 30: Manifest Destine
  • Disc 31: The Coming of the Civil War
  • Disc 32: De Tocqueville on the Family/Aristocratic vs. Individualistic Cultures
  • Disc 33: De Tocqueville on Democracy and Power
  • Disc 34: The Interpretation of History I
  • Disc 35: The Interpretation of History II
  • Disc 36: The American Indian (Bonus Disc)
  • Disc 37: Documents: Teacher/Student Guides, Transcripts
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