American History for Young Students II

American History for Young Students II

1800 to 1865

by Michelle Miller
Publisher: TruthQuest History
Spiralbound, 200 pages
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Michelle writes: "America is off and running! She's settling in with her new presidents, and must show England (in the War of 1812) how serious she is about being a free nation. The wonderful values in America's Constitution fostered a surge of creativity and hard work, which helped kick off the Industrial Revolution in the U.S., and sent many more pioneers west."

"Excitement was in the air: trains were chugging, the Pony Express was zooming, new inventions were changing life, settlers were pouring down the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails, and whole new sections of the West were being added to America! But would American success lead to American pride? Would the people seek God first?"

"The answer to that question helps children understand how America handled the problems she was facing: displaced Indians, terrible working conditions in many factories, the plight of slaves, enlarging government, and finally the Civil War!"

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